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Cruise 2006
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We launched the boat at Seabird Marina on Long Key and headed out under Channel 5 bridge to Hawk Channel.  Sailed West to Moser Channel then crossed back over to the Bay side and anchored behind Little Pine Key for the night.  We then sailed up the Spanish Channel and headed west to Johnston Key.  The next day we motored over to Jewfish Basin and anchored next to Coon Key for the night.  The following morning we sailed for a couple of hours under jib alone at 4.5 to 5.5 knots to Calda Channel.  This is the first time we attempted this channel and proved to be quite a shortcut versus going to the Northwest Channel. I will publish some more details and waypoints later.  As long as visibility is good this is a good alternative for smaller boats. Larger vessels should definitely stick with the Northwest Channel.  We had about a 1 to 1.5 knot current helping us along the way. 
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Rosetail Spoonbill
Roseate Spoonbill on Long Key
Key Deer
Endangered Key Deer On No-Name Key
Pigeon Key
Historic Pigeon Key
Carnage from Wilma?
Entrance to Garrison Bight Marina
in Key West
Houseboats at Garrison Bight Marina
Okbayou at Garrison Bight Marina
Stayed at Garrison Bight Marina for a few nights before going to Boca  Grande Key
Wreck near where we anchored at Boca Grande Key,  saw turtles and a shark in the water while anchored here.  Sailed over to Marquesas Keys, but could not find a place as well protected to anchor so we came back here for one more nite before returning to Key West.
Artwork on display at Key West near Fort Zacharey Taylor.
Key West Butterfly Conservatory
Galleon Marina where we stayed for a couple of nights in Key West.
George at the Galleon Marina in Key West.
We left Key West and sailed back the way we came stopping at Johnston Key and Crawl Key near Grassy Key.  We then continued East to Buchanan bank and anchored for the night before heading in to  Coral Bay Marina.
Coral Bay
Entrance Channel to Coral Bay Marina
Coral Bay
Coral Bay Entrance is right behind the Trawler as shown by the white arrow.  It is best to call ahead on the radio before entering their basin.
riding sail
I modified this riding sail replacing the batten with a piece of 1/2" PVC pipe.  It worked a lot better but in winds over 15 knots, it made a lot of noise tacking back and forth.
Rode out a cold front and a thunderstorm near Buchanan Key in northern part of Lignumvitae Basin
seabird  Seabird Marina
Back to our starting point.  We stayed here the last few days making
preparations before heading home.

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