Pensacola 2012 Cruise

Use the buttons below the map to display various features on the map from previous cruises. Use the map controls on the left or click and drag to pan the map. Click the icon on the map for more deatails about that location. Clear Map will clear all icons. Only anchorages and marinas that I have actually visited are listed. Check back often for updates. Back to Main Page

Displays the center of various charts used in Northwest Florida. The I icons represent NOAA charts that can be viewed online. Click on the icon for a description and a link to NOAA online chart viewer. From the viewer page you can also download that chart. You will need a program such as Maptech Chart Navigator Viewer to display a downloaded chart on your computer.

To see what others have found visit Active Captain. Their database is built by users who contribute reviews and data. Another source of info is Cruisers Net hosted by Claiborne Young author of many well written cruisng guides. The chart icons are roughly centered in the area of coverage by a particular chart. A more exact location of coverage can be viewed on NOAA's Chart Catalog. You can also view Google Earth on the map above by clicking on the Earth button on the map. This requires a plug in that you will be prompted for if you don't already have it.

Tide information from NOAA is available here:

ChartNC combines Google Earth with NOAA navigational charts.  Click here for ChartNC.

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