Okbayou Marine - Electrical repairs and upgrades for your boat!

ABYC certified electrical work performed at Somers Boat Workson the Ohio river just downstream from Cincinnati.

Boat Command - Dealer for the Cincinati area - monitor your boat with a Smartphone App or a PC - click here for details.

Authorized Blue Sea Systems Tech installer: Blue Sea Systems

Garmin authorized installer. Select Marine Installer and enter zip code.

Is your DSC (Digital Selective Calling) radio connected to the GPS? Take advantage of the full capabilities of your radio with the touch of a button in an emergency. The USCG now has the capability to see your position when you push the DISTRESS button on your radio.  You should also have a MMSI number so that the USCG can find vital information about you and your boat quickly in an emeregency.  Valuable time is lost establishing not just your position but make, model and description of the boat. Read more from the USCG here.

USCG Navigation Center

Battery switch and ACR (Automatic Charging Relay)

Don't get caught out on the water with a dead starting battery. An Automatic Charging Relay will prevent your starting battery from discharging while at anchor and always charge your house battery(s) while motoring without having to remember to activate the battery switch.

ACR info

Installing an Automatic Charging Relay? Don't forget the fuse at the battery to comply with ABYC specs!

Custom Panels are not much more expensive than standard panels! 

For information on setting up your network to display engine data or other data on your Multi Function Display (Chart-Plotter)  Use the Contact Page and let me know your requirements.

Is your boat leaking AC current through the water?

Read more on marina safety, safeguard your family and those around you by not swimming in a freshwater marina and updating the electrical system on your boat to include an ELCI (Equipment Leakage Circuit Interrupter).

For all your boating needs visit: Somers Boat Works on the Ohio River


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